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Little pots made with love

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The Art of Preserving Tiny Things.



My name is Paloma and I have a weird obsession for tiny things.


Tiny things are cute and lovely. You can hold them in your hand, collect them or carry them in your pocket.


I love small cards, glittery stickers, all sort of minuscule boxes, puppies, kittens, doll house

furniture, fairies, tangerines, cupcakes, rings, ladybird and babies.


Everything is better in miniature format. 


This is how the tiny marmalades arrived in my life. I have more than 100 different tiny jars

at home.


Some years ago I found myself unable to find another new jar for my tiny collection, so I

decided to start preserving and packing them by myself.

Hand-picking with the family.



Now, I want to share my passion with you.


Each harvest is unique. Weather and temperature can change, just like our cooking mood.


All our ingredients are delicately selected from the highest quality range. Fruits, herbs, leaves, peels, sugar and scents are softly preserved and carefully packed in lovely tiny jars.


This procedure makes each one of our marmalades a limited edition that will probably not be repeated.


Welcome to my tiny project. Come in and feel at home.

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